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momto4boys's Journal

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My name is Brandi and I live in Florida with my husband of 9 years and our 4 boys. My oldest, Alexander is 14 and from my first marriage. Dominic is 6, Joseph is 3, and AJ is 16 months. I am a stay at home mom, which I love (most days). My husband, Steve, is an Art Director for a large company locally. My husband coaches our 6 year old's soccer team, so we stay pretty busy with that. My oldest son startes high school in the fall and is very involved in extra curricular activities. I just finished breast feeding my youngest baby (he weaned himself--I wasn't ready for him to stop). We practice attachment parenting (our 3 year old still sleeps with us), and just love being parents to these awesome little (and big) guys! Our family is very important to us, as is our faith. We make mistakes and aren't perfect (nor do we pretend to be), but we do the best we can.
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