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November already?? - momto4boys
November already??
Where has this year gone?  I cannot believe Christmas is almost here.  I look at my baby AJ who is going to turn 3 at the end of the year and it makes me so sad to know that I'm not going to have any more babies.  Being pregnant, nursing, and taking care of babies is such a huge part of me and now they're growing up (waaaaayyyy too fast for me!).  Some days I wish I could have just one more, but we have our hands so full now and it wouldn't be fair to them to add more to our already overflowing plate.  My cup runneth over with love for them and gratitude to God for these wonderful little boys (and 1 big one) that He's entrusted to my care.  Life is good (hectic, but good nonetheless).  ~sigh~ I'm being nostalgic tonight thinking back on when they were smaller.  Anyway, they had a wonderful halloween.  AJ was a ninja and Dominic and Joseph were transformers.  They had the best time.  We gave a lot of candy to the candy fairy who left them $20 to buy something to share.  It keeps all that candy out of the house (and no, we did not keep it for ourselves, lol!).  Speaking of transformers, sugar transforms my boys' into little horned beings who bounce off the walls.  So, the creation of the candy fairy was just as much for our benefit as it was for theirs! 

Off to tuck 3 very tired little boys into bed now and then go and pick up 1 big boy from a high school soccer game. 
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